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Charting new territory

28 Aug

Maggie has just learnt how to whistle.

She is very proud of herself and we are treated to her whistling for many hours of the day. 

Maggie is a few months away from being 4 and is already able to do many things that Tilda never could. We are in new territory. The conversations I dreamed of having with Tilda, I can with Maggie and it thrills me and breaks my heart all at once. 

Some of the photos I take of Maggie at the moment are so similar to ones of Tilda at the same age, it is a heart jolt. When Tilda was this age, we hadn’t yet heard of Batten Disease, we knew she was battling endless seizures and we could see her struggling. But we thought we had more time. 

We now get to watch Maggie grow and change – so smart, so funny, so full of life and laughter. She is her own person and very different to Tilda but through her, every now and then, we can catch a glimpse of our other beautiful indomitable girl. 

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