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13 Jan

I recently made an important addition to my workspace.

Smiling pictures of Tilda and Maggie now greet me each day and I believe, have had a big impact on my productivity! The pictures also provoke discussions with colleagues who didn’t know I had a Maggie, let alone a Tilda. And stories flow, and condolences are offered. And I learn more about them and some of their stories. Discussion doors are opened. How we ended up working in this area of disability support. How we live with the challenges in our lives. How our clients live with the challenges in their lives. 

I like work mostly, some days more than others. I have recently reduced my days so will soon have a day a week  with the small redhead which will be lovely. 

Summer is here and the sun gives us beach days and beer days and though there are some days when loss overwhelms, the sun continues to rise and set and life continues on. 

As always, I am forever grateful to the people in my world who continue to let me know that Tilda lives on with them through a shared memory, a photo or just a note to say they were thinking of her. 

Here’s one of my memories:

When Tilda was 15 months, I took her on my own to New Zealand to visit my dearest friend and her family. She wasn’t quite walking yet, she would take her first steps a week or so after we got back to Melbourne.  Where we were staying had a set of stairs and I remember how much she enjoyed clambering up them and then coming down on her bum. 

New Zealand was also where she first discovered the joys of tinned spaghetti!

What a delicious child. 


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