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End of 2014

17 Dec

I’m quite happy to say goodbye to this year. It has been a pretty rough one. There have been some good things most definitely. Starting uni has been fantastic and that is all going really well. Darling Maggie is growing and becoming more delightful each day. Friends and family have been around to laugh, eat and sing with. But the milestones of firsts have been hard. Moving away from where Tilda died was hard. Living a full year without her has been hard.

I also broke my ankle last week! I have 6 weeks in a cast which is absolutely not fun at all, especially given that I live up a steep, slippery, narrow little staircase! Again, my friends and family have rallied so I am being taken care of. I started off very poorly but I am getting MUCH better at manoeuvring myself about on crutches and Maggie has proved herself to be very useful, fetching my phone and carrying plates to the table.

IMG_3003 IMG_3023

So good-bye 2014, I bid thee farewell. Bring on 2015 which sees the end of my degree and the start of my Social Work career, it sees a much longed for and much anticipated overseas trip to visit my dearest and oldest friend. It sees me turn 40. It promises some hope and some future dreams.

I would like to say a huge thank you to all those who follow this blog. Those who read, those who comment, those who send their love. I am pretty hopeless at writing back to people but I read each and every comment and they fill my heart with love. Thank you for caring about Tilda, for remembering her. Thank you for giving me a place to vent, cry, laugh, remember and document the story of an extraordinary little person I was lucky enough to call my daughter.

Thank you.

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