8 Aug

I am currently on placement 4 days a week for my social work degree. Darling Maggie is being looked after by my parents, my sister and Simon and will soon start one day a week in childcare. I am also doing another subject besides placement and Simon is back on shift work. These are busy days and it feels a little hectic.

Tilda is on my mind constantly. I have not at all got used to the fact that she isn’t here anymore. My busy days give me focus but I look back over the last few years and realise yet another gift that Tilda gave me. The luxury of time just hanging. I spent so many of my days at home with her and then later with her and Maggie. Time hanging, watching Dora, trying to make her laugh. Some days were boring, some were fraught but living in the moment was a wonderful thing.

Life seems to move faster now. There are future plans to think about, living in the moment is less possible. I miss it. I miss her.

Her birthday is soon upon us.  Thank you so much to everyone who has already donated to Make A Wish and Glenallen. Once again, your generosity has been overwhelming and utterly wonderful. There is just over a month to go before the big day and if anyone wishes to join us to watch as we fall from the sky, we would welcome you! If you haven’t yet donated and wish to, the links are below.

For Make A Wish – https://give.everydayhero.com/au/laura-36

For Glenallen – https://give.everydayhero.com/au/simon-21

I remind myself to take the moments where I can. A lesson learned from a fearless wonder. I relish in Maggie, watching as she enjoys the slide or a slice of cake (a word she says with great enthusiasm!). Time spent with friends and family is always a balm. And, on the 10th September,  I will take the time to enjoy the moment of freedom and fear as we honor our girl.



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