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Home, hot and happy!

24 Dec

It turns out that last night was the hottest December night on record, a perfect time to bring Maggie home! Yeeks.

After Maggie was born on Wednesday, I had one night in hospital then three nights at the Park Hyatt which was rather nice. Time for Maggie and I to get to know each other and get feedings going. Tilda and Simon came to visit each day and the sister’s first first meeting was in the lobby of the hotel.

Back in the room, Tilda found Maggie’s cries to be very funny which is good news indeed as Maggie is a bit of a tyrant especially when it comes to wanting boobs! This being often!


Since being home, the girls have bonded over Dora.


And started to get to know each other.


Maggie is a delight and we are all getting to grips with this whole new world. Thank you so much for all the lovely messages, the visits, the food and the presents. Sending everyone huge holiday cheer and a special mention to Tilda’s best friend Jack who unfortunately will be spending Christmas at the Royal Children’s Hospital with increased seizure activity. Thinking of you all the time Jack and sending huge love.

Merry Christmas to all!!


(Wind but we’ll take the smile!!!)


She’s here!!

19 Dec

We are so delighted to welcome Matilda’s baby sister, Maggie Elizabeth into the world! She was born at 11:20 this morning. Not quite the 12/12/12 date but 19/12/2012 has a pretty good ring to it too!

8lb 7oz (3.85kg), 52 cm long and as pink and plump as can be.



Tilda is yet to meet her baby sister as she had school today. We look forward to showing off photos of the big meet! She is in great form at the moment, really enjoying her last week of school before the holidays. A huge thank you to Grandma and Grandpa for coming over in the wee hours of the morning to look after her!

Many thanks also for all the wonderful well wishes, I can’t believe she is finally here!


Nothing to report!

12 Dec

Well, she has 1 hour and 45 minutes to make her appearance! Not looking too promising for the hoped for 12/12/12 delivery but never mind!

Things have settled down a bit and now that Simon and I have both finished work, we are actually enjoying having this time. Tilda is doing well, the episode from last week seems to have been a one off and she is back to her smiley self. Relief all round.

So we continue to wait, somewhat impatiently, for our new arrival. We will keep you posted! Thank you so much for all the messages today!


Feeling helpless

6 Dec

These last few weeks of being pregnant have been somewhat trying. I know that there isn’t much longer to go and that of course it will all be worth it in the end but damn it is getting uncomfortable. The most difficult thing, apart from constant waking due to hip pain, cankles and sausage toes, has been the inability to interact with Tilda as much as I would like.

As this disease progresses, I see her withdraw from the world around her and I want to hang on to her as much as possible. But a large bump and aching joints has made it increasingly difficult.

It is a helpless feeling. To not be able to have her on my lap for a cuddle. To not be able to lift her as much as I would like. To not be able to have bedtime snuggles.

This was all even more evident yesterday. Not a good day. I got a call from school to say that Tilda was really upset and distressed with increased seizures. Tilda very rarely cries these days so we know that it is a sign that something is quite wrong. Very frustratingly, it happened that our van was at the mechanic being fixed due to overheating. Physically, it is now virtually impossible for me to get Tilda in and out of the black car by myself. A huge thank you to the lovely Dan for coming to help me. I took Tilda to the hospital where Simon met me and we spent 7 hours in emergency trying to determine what was wrong.

There is nothing worse than listening to your child in distress and not being able to fix it or help. She would have these 5 or so minute crying episodes followed by calm followed by more crying. This went on all afternoon. No fever, no infection, no indication what could be wrong. We left with not many more answers than we went in with. My suspicion is that it is part of this bastard condition. That she was having increased seizures which were really bothering her and causing her distress. Once we got her home and into her comfortable bed, she did cheer up although we did then have some more crying before bedtime.


We kept her home today and she spent a day with dad, with lots of Dora and relaxing. No more crying which is wonderful but unfortunately a return of vomiting. Clearly, she is not 100% at the moment so we are just keeping an eye on her and staying in touch with the Drs if need be.

As for me, I had my last day of work today which was both sad and exciting. I do hope to be back at some point next year but it will very much be a case of waiting and seeing how things are going. Pregnancy, I am now just about 38 weeks and really very ready to go whenever little miss decides to make an appearance. Of course, I complain now about the difficulties of pregnancy and being uncomfortable but there is certainly something to be said for her being safely tucked away for the moment. Once she is out, it will be a whole new world to navigate. A newborn and Tilda. Thank god for all our wonderful family and friends who I know will be a huge help.

Stay tuned for the 12/12/12 update! Fingers crossed please!

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