16 Oct

I think I do believe in fate. Certainly, it is of great comfort to think that there is a reason behind the things that happen in life. But it is impossible to imagine that there could ever be a reason for Tilda to endure this terrible disease.

But perhaps it is more about the reason that she is here in the first place. I struggle a little with the idea that she needs to suffer so that I can learn some kind of great lesson. But I do take comfort in the fact that she isn’t actually suffering, she is unaware that she is losing her abilities and she continues to live her life with joy and good cheer. And that is a reason for us to do the same.

This morning, I met up with a truly lovely group of people. Fate put me in in this particular Mother’s Group and though we don’t see each other often, we have stayed in touch and met today to celebrate our small ones turning 5. It was a very typical Melbourne morning with rain one minute and sun the next but the superb Collingwood Children’s Farm provided enormous entertainment for small ones and big ones alike. Tilda seemed particularly enamored with the ducks (or were they geese..?) and it was so wonderful to see everyone and see how much the small ones have changed.

Of course, my small one has changed in a rather different way so it was a little bittersweet but it was a morning of happiness and not a time to mourn what should have been.

Tilda gets pretty tired and with the amount of duck chasing she was doing, it was impressive that she lasted as long as she did. After about an hour and a half, when her lolling becoming ever apparent, it was time to go. Before I left, these beautiful people presented me with an incredibly generous gift for our family to use on whatever we wanted. It was a ‘We are so sorry’ gift, it was a ‘We love you’ gift. We, who started this journey of motherhood together; we, who’s parenting paths have diverged and we, who each have our own parenting fate. It is a gift that is very much appreciated.

Not only that but one of those lovely people is running in the City2Sea and raising money for the Batten Disease Association. Please support her and Tilda by visiting her fundraising page and donating –  http://www.everydayhero.com.au/benita_crocker_5 . Thank you Benita!

Speaking of lovely people and exercise, the very lovely Lachlan Fry this very day dedicated his ride in Around the Bay to Team Tilda and wore a sign on his back promoting the Batten Disease Association. I understand that it promoted several discussions with other riders which is so wonderful and such a great way to raise awareness. Thank you Lachie.

Once again, I am humbled and awed by the kindness and support our friends and family have shown through this time. Truly it is fate then that put you all in our lives.

Who knows what that pesky fate has in store? We can only wait and see, day by day.




4 Responses to “Fate”

  1. Danielle x October 17, 2011 at 6:56 am #

    So many beautiful people in the world isn’t there. And it seems a lot of them surround you! 🙂
    Hope you, Simon & Tilds have a fabulous week!
    Love you all xx

  2. amber October 17, 2011 at 9:49 am #

    Laura, you are an amazing person and we will keep telling you so! Amber x

  3. Naomi Toots October 18, 2011 at 11:03 am #

    Lauz, add to the ever-expanding list of wonderful things that you are, that you are also a terribly good writer xxx

    • Benita crocker October 21, 2011 at 7:30 am #

      Laura, It was a great day wasn’t it even if it did shower now and then! Can’t wait for us to all catch up in November – I spoke to Pippa the other day who was so sorry she could not make it on Sunday but will definately be making it to Make a Wish – BRING ON THE PARTY and the POPCORN CHICKEN!!! love be

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