The kindness of others and other random thoughts

31 Aug

What has been truly overwhelming in the most positive way since this terribleness hit is the generosity and kindness of so many people. From lovely cards people have written, calls made, food cooked, presents given and tears shared, it has been such a panacea to the sadness.

Thank you.

Today’s update is that things are holding a steady course. Which is damn good news! We are weaning the Topomax very, very slowly and it seems to already be making a difference. Topomax causes weight loss and difficulty in finding words – two things we absolutely cannot afford for Tilda to experience. Her appetite has been pretty impressive over the last week or so – KFC popcorn chicken is a huge hit and we have gone from the kiddie size to the regular size to the gigantic oh my god, I can’t believe she is eating all of this size! Fantastic! Not to be flippant but there is something quite liberating about not worrying if your child is eating too much junk food! Chips Tilda? Sure! Deep fried spring rolls for two dinners in a row? No probs!

You take the good where you can get it.

There is not much else to add today so I shall instead show another of my favorite videos of Tilda. This was taken in Darwin again, before all this poohness began.

She’s so awesome.



One Response to “The kindness of others and other random thoughts”

  1. Danielle x August 31, 2011 at 2:20 pm #

    Letting her do that was very brave of you too darl! 🙂 Ma she is such a cute pants!!!

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